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Akash-NG, a short-range mobile surface-to-air missile system (SRSAM) developed by DRDO, is set to receive clearance for production. Officials from BEL have stated that a deal for production may be finalized within the next three months. The last test of Akash-NG in 2021 yielded successful results, with system performance validated through data captured by various radar, telemetry, and electro-optical tracking systems deployed at ITR, Chandipur.

During the test, Akash-NG demonstrated its all-weather capability by successfully engaging a high-speed unmanned aerial target, even in adverse weather conditions. Notably, the missile employed an indigenous RF Seeker, highlighting its technological advancements.

The new version of Akash-NG features a brand-new rocket motor, departing from the legacy Akash missile’s ramjet propulsion system. The updated missile utilizes a two-pulse, solid rocket motor, providing an extended range of 30 km. Furthermore, its enhanced capabilities enable it to effectively counter highly manoeuvrable fighter aircraft and low radar cross-section aerial threats.

The progress in Akash-NG’s development marks a significant advancement in India’s indigenous missile technology. With its extended range, improved propulsion system, and ability to engage sophisticated aerial threats, the missile system strengthens India’s defence capabilities and bolsters its ability to safeguard national security.

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