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The Indian Embassy in Cairo is actively promoting Indian-made defence equipment, with a particular focus on the Akash air defence system, according to sources familiar with the program. Discussions are reportedly underway between India and Egypt regarding the potential sale and local production of Akash missiles.

Egypt boasts one of the most robust and well-organized air defence systems in the Middle East. However, a significant portion of its arsenal consists of ageing Soviet-era technology, including MIM-23 Improved Hawk missiles,2K12 Kub (SA-6 Gainful) systems, Indigenously produced Tayer el-Sabah (SA-2 Guideline) missiles, Upgraded S-125 Pechora-M (SA-3) systems.

The Akash missile system, developed by India’s DRDO, offers a modern and capable alternative to these outdated systems. Akash missile system is Effective against aerial threats like fighter jets, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles at a range of up to 30 kilometres. Akash missile system Successfully deployed by the Indian Army and Air Force also has been exported to Armenia.

Talks between India and Egypt regarding the Akash system are ongoing. If successful, this deal could mark the second export deal for the weapon system as a significant step forward in India’s defence exports and further strengthen the strategic partnership between the two nations.

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