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Solar Industries, a Nagpur-based defence company, is on a roll. After successfully delivering its Nagastra-1 loitering munition to the Indian Army, the company now sets its sights on the Nagastra-2, its next-generation loitering weapon system.

Nagastra-1 emerged victorious in a competitive selection process, surpassing entries from Polish and Israeli firms. This win not only signifies Solar Industries’ technological prowess but also strengthens India’s domestic defence capabilities.

Building upon this success, Solar Industries is now seeking an order for the Nagastra-2 loitering munition. This next-generation system underwent rigorous trials in Ladakh during March 2022, proving its effectiveness in harsh environments.

Nagastra-2 is designed for versatility, the Nagastra-2 can be launched from either a tube or a catapult launcher. Packing a potent punch, the Nagastra-2 can deliver a 4kg explosive warhead over a range of up to 25 kilometres. While weighing only 20kg, the entire system, including communication controls, payload, and launch mechanisms, is designed for easy transport by soldiers using backpacks.

Company officials have expressed confidence based on the Indian Army’s positive feedback during the Nagastra-2 user trials. While an official timeline for the contract is yet to be announced, initial reports suggest the Army might place an order by late 2024.

The wait for the Nagastra-2 contract is on, but with its promising features and the Army’s keen interest, Solar Industries seems poised for another win in the loitering munition space.

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