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The first glimpses of the NAMICA MK2, the next iteration of India’s indigenously developed anti-tank missile carrier, have surfaced online. Compared to its predecessor, the MK2 brings a mix of firepower and revised functionality.

The most striking difference lies in the armament. The NAMICA MK1 sported six NAG anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). In contrast, the MK2 opts for a four-launcher configuration. This reduction is offset by the introduction of a 30mm cannon, providing the NAMICA MK2 with a robust countermeasure against lighter Armoured vehicles and fortifications.

This shift in armament reflects a potential change in the NAMICA’s role. The inclusion of a cannon equips the MK2 to engage a wider range of targets on the battlefield, making it a more versatile platform. The ATGM launchers remain, ensuring the NAMICA MK2 retains its potent anti-tank capabilities.

Just like its predecessor, the NAMICA MK2 utilizes the well-regarded BMP-2 tracked armoured chassis. This chassis offers dependable mobility on various terrains, allowing the NAMICA MK2 to effectively manoeuvre across the battlefield.

Similar to the NAMICA MK1, the MK2 variant also forgoes the passenger compartment found in the BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). This space is likely used to store additional reload ATGMs, keeping the NAMICA MK2 focused on its core function of launching anti-tank missiles.

The emergence of these initial sketches suggests that the NAMICA MK2 is progressing towards development and deployment. With its enhanced firepower and potential role shift, the NAMICA MK2 appears poised to play a significant role in India’s future armoured deployments.

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