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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is gearing up to put its indigenously developed LCA Tejas Mk1A fighter jet in the international spotlight. Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari, Chief of the Air Staff, recently confirmed plans to actively feature the Tejas Mk1A in upcoming international air shows and air exercises.

Participating in international air shows and exercises will provide the IAF with a platform to publicly demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the Tejas Mk1A. Potential adversaries and allies alike will witness the jet’s manoeuvrability, firepower, and avionics suite firsthand.

By showcasing the Tejas Mk1A at international events, the IAF intends to generate interest among foreign air forces. This could pave the way for future export deals, boosting India’s position in the global arms market.

Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari revealed that the Tejas Mk1A has already garnered positive attention during joint air exercises with other air forces. Additionally, previous air show appearances have reportedly generated “multiple inquiries” from potential buyers.

The upcoming international air shows and air exercises will be a crucial test bed for the Tejas Mk1A. If the jet continues to generate positive reviews, it could become a major game-changer for India’s defence exports, fostering international partnerships and propelling the nation’s position in the global arms market.

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