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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is setting its sights on a potent one-two punch for its fighter jet arsenal. Following the successful integration of the Astra MkI Beyond-Visual-Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM), the IAF is now exploring the integration of the Rudram-1 missile onto two of its key fighter platforms: the Rafale and the Tejas Mk1A.

The Rudram-1, also known as the New Generation Anti-Radiation Missile (NGARM), is an indigenous air-to-surface missile designed in collaboration with Dassault Aviation. This missile excels at neutralizing enemy air defence systems, including surveillance and tracking radars, as well as communication networks.

While successfully test-fired from the Sukhoi-30MKI platform, the IAF desires a wider deployment strategy. Integrating the Rudram-1 with the Rafale would provide a sophisticated weapon for this advanced fighter jet. Furthermore, plans to integrate the missile with the Tejas Mk1A highlight the IAF’s commitment to equipping its indigenous fighter jets with cutting-edge weaponry.

Manufactured by Adani Defence, the Rudram-1 awaits full-scale production contingent upon receiving bulk orders from the IAF for the Su-30MKI fleet. The IAF’s interest in integrating this missile with the Rafale and Tejas Mk1A could potentially expedite the production process.

Key Features of Rudram-1:

  • Dual-Seeker Advantage: Equipped with both a passive homing head seeker and a Millimeter Wave (MMW) seeker, the Rudram-1 offers enhanced target acquisition capabilities.
  • Safety First: An electro-mechanical safety arming mechanism with built-in safety features ensures secure operation.
  • Manoeuvrable and Destructive: With a length of 5.2 meters and a diameter of 315 millimetres, the Rudram-1 packs a powerful punch. Weighing 600 kilograms, it boasts a range of 100-150 kilometers and can be launched from altitudes between 1 kilometer and 15 kilometers.
  • Warhead Power: The Rudram-1 utilizes a pre-fragmentation (PF) type warhead weighing 55 kilograms, delivering a devastating impact on its target.

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