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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has taken a significant step forward in protecting Indian soldiers with the development of lightweight add-on composite armour for the WhAP 8×8 wheeled armoured platform. This innovative technology offers several advantages and positions India at the forefront of indigenous defence solutions.

The new armour, designed specifically for the WhAP, significantly enhances the vehicle’s survivability. When integrated with the existing vehicle structure, it protects against ballistic threats as defined by STANAG 4569 at Level II and Level III. This translates to increased crew safety against a wider range of weaponry.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this technology is its complete indigenous development. From the materials used to the manufacturing processes and testing methodologies, everything is homegrown. This not only reduces dependence on foreign suppliers but also fosters a self-reliant Indian defence ecosystem.

The DRDO has designed the armour with a modular concept in mind. This means the level of protection offered by the WhAP can be easily modified in the future without requiring any major structural changes to the vehicle itself. This flexibility allows for quick adjustments based on evolving battlefield threats.

The DRDO has not only developed the technology but also established the necessary testing methods to ensure its effectiveness. Additionally, they have collaborated with Indian industries to set up production lines capable of meeting the anticipated volume requirements.

A limited number of armour sets have already been manufactured and successfully integrated on WhAP vehicles, as well as other platforms. This early adoption by the users demonstrates the effectiveness of the technology. Furthermore, the DRDO is proactively offering Transfer of Technology (ToT) to a wider range of Indian industries, encouraging broader adoption and domestic production.

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