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India’s BrahMos Corporation is gearing up for a significant advancement in its missile technology with the New Generation (NG) BrahMos cruise missile. This lighter and smaller variant of the existing BrahMos promises enhanced capabilities for the Indian Air Force.

As per recent announcements by Atul Dinkar Rane, Director General of DRDO and CEO & MD of BrahMos Aerospace, the BrahMos NG is on track for a series of crucial tests. By mid-2025, the program expects to commence drop and dummy testing. These initial trials focus on validating the missile’s aerodynamic design and separation mechanism from the launch platform before progressing to powered flight.

Following successful drop and dummy tests, the BrahMos NG is scheduled for flight trials by the end of 2025. This signifies a rapid development timeline, with the Indian Air Force potentially integrating the BrahMos NG into its arsenal by 2026.

The BrahMos NG boasts several advantages over its predecessor. Reduced weight and size allow for integration with a wider range of fighter jets, bolstering the Indian Air Force’s aerial attack capabilities. Maintaining the existing 290-kilometer range and Mach 3.5 speed, the BrahMos NG offers a potent combination of precision and long-range strike capacity.

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