Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) recently canceled plans to procure Ka-31 naval airborne early warning and control helicopters from Russia and P-8I, American anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare patrol aircraft as DAC believes that most of the sensors and radar system can be made available within the country and has asked Navy to look for local alternatives to fill the gap as Navy has started retiring Soviet-era IL-38 Sea Dragon patrol aircraft.

The Navy is keen on getting 10 Sea Guardian drones from the US to enhance surveillance over IOR. The Navy already operates Two- Sea Guardian drones and it is impressed by the system that it is onboard plans to procure 30 (10 each for Army and Air force ) so that it can be operated from the southern naval base of the country. has been told that the Navy is also looking into DRDO’s proposed C-295 Multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft that were offered to the Indian Coast Guard.

Navy will also be having talks with DRDO on the adaptability of the Netra Suite for the Multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft based on the larger commercially available aircraft that could offer more range and endurance than the C-295. The Navy already is backing Naval Rustom-2 and is also looking into High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) that HAL is working on with the NewSpace Pvt ltd.

As India starts to work on the fabrication of its HALE Class UAV soon, the Navy is one of the target customers.

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