24 retired French Air Force Mirage-2000 that India has procured to be used for salvagee nearly 300 types of equipment and systems for maintaining two squadrons of Mirage-2000 fleet in India will keep it going till mid-2035.

24 Ex-French Mirage-2000 that were kept in storage have started arriving in India via sea routes and these aircraft from their panels to airframe structure will be used to maintain the present fleet as production of the aircraft was discontinued long back and many of its present operators have started retiring them.

A few years back French Jaguar aircraft that were long retired was transferred to India so that they can be used to maintain the present fleet of Jaguar aircraft till 2034. IAF wants to maintain nearly 60 Darin-III upgraded Jaguar strike aircraft that are relatively newer till 2034 before completely retiring the entire fleet.

IAF already has decided to retire the first squadron of Mig-29 in 2027 and completely retire two more squadrons by 2034. All three fighter types, Mig-29, Jaguar, and Mirage-2000 will be replaced by the locally developed LCA-AF Mk2 aircraft that is under development and likely to enter production sometime in 2028-29.

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