Wing Commander Abhinav Sharma, who was fired by the Indian Air Force following the accidental launch of a BrahMos missile that landed in Pakistan in March last year, has filed a case in Delhi High Court against the Ministry of Defence and the Chief of Air Staff, claiming that his dismissal was wrongful and that the Court of Inquiry did not allow him to defend himself.

Wing Commander Abhinav Sharma and three other IAF officers were dismissed from the service eight months ago after a court of enquiry determined they were responsible for failing to ensure the disconnection of combat connectors of all missiles loaded on Mobile Autonomous Launcher (MAL) prior to convoy movement, thus violating the combat SOP. Sharma was accused of failing to intervene to prevent the MAL from engaging in an unsafe act of launching the missile from the station, which resulted in the accidental firing.

Sharma claimed that at the time of the incident, he was assigned as an engineering officer to the squadron and was only providing professional and practical training for maintenance duties.

It was pointed out that as an engineering officer, he never provided training on operational conduct, which was solely the responsibility of the commanding officer and operations officer.