Vir Chakra Citation of the Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman brings out more details on how PAF’ offensive formation of JF-17s and Mirage-III aircraft Strike package were forced to miss their Targets when they dropped their payload in hurry after going to into tactical chaos after seeing a pair of Mig-21Bis Interceptors rushing towards them.

Vir Chakra Citation confirms what has been said by Indian OSNIT Community that one of the high flying formations of Three F-16s fired an AMRAAM BVR-Air to Air missile at the wing-man of the Varthaman which forced him to take aggressive maneuver against attacking F-16s. The first missile missed its target which allowed Varthaman to get missile lock on its R-73 WVR-CCM which ultimately took down PAFs F-16B over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) before he too was hit by another AMRAAM fired by another F-16.

PAF’s claim that only Two AMRAAMS were fired has been debunked by India’s OSNIT Community and it is reported that at least 4-5 AMRAAMs were fired both at pair of Mig-21 and Su-30MKI with callsign ” Avenger-1″ which PAF claimed to have shot down but was displayed intact by IAF at Air force day flying formation.


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