Ceo Haluk Bayraktar of the Turkish drone magnate Baykar reiterated that the company won’t be selling their drones to India as the company is against ‘war profiteering,’ or selling arms to both sides, Bayraktar also said that the priority is to share our capabilities with brotherly countries” like Pakistan.

Pakistan has placed orders for Bayraktar TB2 and Bayraktar Akinci drones with Turkey and has plans to assemble them locally after Chinese supplied Wing Loong II Unmanned Aerial Systems and Chinese Rainbow CH-3 UCAVs were underperforming in Pakistani conditions and were also having major service issues due to faulty systems and poor Chinese spare supply chain.

India has never approached Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar for its drones, CEO was responding to a question raised by the correspondence of Nikkei Asia if the company would consider selling drones to India. Indian state-owned ADE is already working on Archer MALE UCAVs that is the same class as Bayraktar TB2 and Rustom-II MALE Class UAV that is the same class as the new HALE Class UAV that is under development by ADE.

India is also in an advanced stage of negotiations with the US to procure 30 MQ-9B Predator armed drones at a cost of over USD 3 billion with Transfer of Technology and already locally manufactures Hermes 900 UAV for the export market.

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