An Vietnamese air force delegation visited India a few years back that was given a live demonstration of the Akash Mk1 surface to air interceptor missiles as India was keen to export its air defense system to friendly countries in the region. DRDO also had agreed to provide ToT (Transfer of Technology ) for the local production of the Akash Mk1 missiles systems but it failed to materialize.

After an Internal evaluation of the Akash Mk1 Air defense system, the Vietnamese air force is keen to replace its aging mid-tier Soviet surface-to-air missile system S-125 Pechora 2TM / S-75 Dvina found that the Akash Mk1 missile system lacked in range due to which sale of the missiles system was not concluded.

Vietnam has been following the development of the Akash-NG (Next Generation ) from its inception and they consider it way more advanced than the SPYDER SR-MR System that they procured from Israel and recently have been inquiring about the missile system that is presently going through its developmental trials.

Vietnam already operates S-300 long-range air defense system from Russia and SPYDER short-range air defense system from Israel in recent times to modernize its air defense system and specifically has been looking to acquire a medium-range air defense system which they think can be met by the induction of the Akash-NG.

Akash-NG is primarily a Medium Range Surface to Air Missile system designed and developed by the DRDO for the protection of vulnerable areas and vulnerable points from adversary air attacks. Akash-NG can simultaneously engage multiple targets in group mode and can also function in autonomous mode and has a range of 60km and can travel at 2.5 times the speed of sound.

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