After storming into Kabul nearly six months ago, vocal allie of the regime in Kabul has failed to gather international support for the Taliban take over of the country that again is set to become a den of all known and unknown terror organizations soon. Frustration due to the lack of international recognition of its regime has hindered its ability to govern and also trade which has given rise to mass poverty and the famine-like situation in the country.

Fall of Kabul saw mass celebration in Islamabad as it got back its strategic depth but the rise in the spate of recent attacks on Pakistani military assets have left Pakistan again shaken by political and economic uncertainty as investors want to stay away from the region and the weapons left behind by the US Military in Afghanistan have started trickling to Baluch rebels as seen in recent daring attacks on the Head Quarters where they managed to hold the fort for nearly 60 hours.

Terror operators in the region might come in different shapes and sizes but the possibility of a nuclear-armed terrorist regime in Pakistan has now grown from a fear into a strategic challenge to India and other countries in the region. Pakistani Military has often been working surreptitiously with the terrorists to achieve common goals and in the past several in-service officers have been caught colluding with the Terrorist organizations.

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency continues its deception way beyond any acceptable bounds of Intelligence agency and has gone unpunished by the United States for harboring terrorist mastermind, Osama bin Laden for years just down the street from a Pakistani military academy. Spike in attacks by Baluch rebels and Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan shows growing local support for the organizations due to which it has been able to carry out more daring attacks on the Pakistani military after the Taliban take over of the country.

Like India, most of the Nuclear weapons in Pakistan are stored in different bases and facilities and are not pre-assembled but to blunt India’s superior conventional forces, Pakistan waded into Tactical nukes that are mostly ready to use systems that are often stored at a strategic base near to the Indian border that easy to identify since Nasr, A short-range tactical nuclear-capable missile is the only delivery system that is often identified from satellite imaginary.

Usage of Tactical nukes is given to Area commanders, unlike nuclear weapons that are governed by the central authorities inside the Pakistani establishment. The Pakistani military is terrified of India’s cold start doctrine that could give little or no time for Pakistani defenses to be beefed up due to which it plans to rely on its Tactical nukes to stop invading the Indian Army due to which these nukes are kept in ready to use condition and often in bases and facilities that are far from it other fortified military facilities.

An insider at this facility working with the Taliban or some other terror organization might help facilitate in seizing these tactical nukes. Taliban getting hands-on such nukes might use it to force the world to recognize it has a ruler of present Afghanistan and use it to keep world hostage so that they are heard at the world stage and not ignored like it has been done now.

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