Pakistan’s foreign minister recently in a letter to the United Nations security council has said that India has deployed BrahMos missiles in the Kashmir region and is planning to do some adventure in Pakistani occupied Kashmir. Many Pakistani Establishment appointed Ex-ISI and Pakistani military defense experts who are part of many talks shows in Pakistani media are calling it part of their imaginary false flag operations to attack Pakistani military installations to divert media attention from citizenship law protests back in India.

In February 2019, Indian Mirage-2000 fighter jet intruded inside mainland Pakistan territory for the first time since 1971 war and bombed a Terror training facility in Balakot using Spice precision-guided missile, Pakistani military claimed IAF missed the targets and all building near so-called Madarsa in the Balakot facility were still standing and Pakistan only lost few palm trees as a result of this missile strikes.

While Pakistani propaganda was quickly busted after Satellite images pre and post on the ceiling of the Balakot facility showcased holes which Spice ammunition created after entering it before killing nearly 100+ terror trainees who were residing in there at that point of time. But Spice ammunition used was designed to kill targets inside the building and not destroy the building this was used as a cover-up and face-saving measure to deny that missile hit those buildings by the Pakistani establishment.

It took Pakistani military nearly 40+ days to take a small group of International press reporters to the facility and many pictures put out by those who visited showed newly renovated internals of the facility which many were able to verify as part of the cover-up. Use of Precision guided missile allowed Pakistan the face-saver it wanted but it also became part of their propaganda to show this as inefficiencies of the Indian Air Force.

Now India has decided to up the game and deny Pakistan any face-saving measure in any possible future strikes it will carry out in the Pakistani facility which is used to train terrorists and this is the reasons why Pakistani establishment and Selected Civilian Government is rattled by the deployment of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in the region which are known to take out highly secured facilities and cannot be defended by any air defense system.

BrahMos won’t just kill the occupants of the target facility but it will also floor the building and all the nearby facilities thus denying Pakistan any face-saving measures and their comical claims of killing a few crows and trees. Since it now known that Pakistan will still claim no one was killed it will be difficult for Pakistani establishment to retaliate on Indian military targets and if it does claim those killed were their just civilians it still won’t risk escalating by targeting Indian military facility since it is clear now that targeting of Indian military facility will have immediate targeting of Pakistani military facility.

India holds a Conventional edge over Pakistani military in terms of firepower whether it is small arms or big missile and casualty on the Pakistani side will always be higher. Deployment of BrahMos in the Kashmir is India’s way of telling Pakistan that they still maintain the right to strike them if they continue their supporting a sub-conventional war In Indian Kashmir and now by threatening to take over Pakistani occupied Kashmir, India has just up the game without risk of starting a Nuclear War since that bluff of Pakistan has been called out now.

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