It not once but almost numerous time now that Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has told his countrymen that once Lok Sabha elections in India is over and new regime takes over, Pakistan’s relationship with India will improve drastically even though popular perception in India has been that current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to get his second term maybe with lower seats to the lower house of the Indian parliament .

While Indian media doesn’t think it necessary for them to ask few questions to Prime Minister aspirant Rahul Gandhi on his Kashmir or Pakistan policy in any of his press conferences what’s even more strange is that Rahul Gandhi is not openly talking about Pakistan in his elections rallies nor his action plan on how he plans to tackle Pakistan on terrorism nor how he plans to tackle terror attacks in Kashmir .

While Chokidar chor hai, Rafale, Anil Ambani seems to be favorite keywords of the Prime Minister aspirant Rahul Gandhi in his election rallies but his golden silence on Pakistan and how he plans to improve security scenario in the country is not only is strange but also hints at a wide outsourcing of his policies to regular peacemakers who might restart Aman ki Asha brigade once he assumes seat in PMO.

10 years of Manmohan Singh government was an era which was a security nightmare for the country if we only limit the subject only to the security of the country. 26/11 attacks in Mumbai went unpunished, Terrorists like handlers who planned Pathankot attack on Indian Air Force base were left out of jail as peace initiative, Aman ki Asha program was launched without any results , Defence Minister A.K. Anthony who was also called as Saint Anthony not only ensured he never moved any file for procurement of any major arms but was also in favor of settling Siachen and Sir Creek dispute as per conditions set by Pakistan.

Congress veteran ministers in the past have said in Pakistan that solutions to Kashmir and other disputes will be found once they are back in power and why Imran Kahn is counting on regime change in India to provide some breather for his government back home which is near bankruptcy and moving towards total isolation in the International stage. Why certain Congress minister from Punjab goes gaga over his friendship with Pakistan PM that he cannot see sufferings of his fellow Indians who are suffering from terrorism exported by this country? .


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