First the Chinese Virus and then Military standoff in Ladakh, But the Modi government has failed to take any aggressive stand against China while public sentiments against China continue to grow with many Hardcore supporters of the Nationalist BJP Party are now questioning governments lukewarm response to both the situations in the country.

Many governments have taken a hardline stand on Chinese virus spread and many have gone head and even blamed China for the spread of the virus which not only has destroyed economies but also has killed over 4 lacks death worldwide but Modi government has not demanded any investigation into the origin of the virus nor it has made itself clear if the virus was mad made as claimed by many virologists all around the world. Few Indian scientists who made such claims have either deleted their Facebook and Twitter post but some have even backtracked from their previous assertion and findings.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari is the only high ranking BJP Politician who claimed the Chinese Virus as Man-made but stopped from blaming it on China. After Ladakh standoff, Modi has not even spoken a word on the situation or explained the current situation allowing some pro-Congress Army Veterans to make some notorious claims on the land grab by Chinese troops in the area which till not has remained unchallenged even only defense has been criticism on lack of any previous work done by the previous governments in the previous land grab by Chinese in the area.

Many BJP Party supporters trended the BoycotChinese app and products on social media but large sections remained unfazed and questioned the government on the matter. One twitter user said ” I will boycott all Chinese products if Modi comes on National Tv and urges all Citizens to do so. if that doesn’t happen then it’s just useless rant by keyboard warriors,” another user said, ” BJP supporters want us to boycott Chinese products, while our government amid anti-China feelings, permits Chinese bank to start operations in India “, another Twitter user said, ” An Intruder broke into my house and for last one month I am trying to make him understand that this is not his house and leave it, but he refuses to”.

Many Businessmen were under impression that many global Chinese companies have made plans to leave China, India could be an ideal destination but many have made move to Vietnam and other countries. When Modi announced its time to be Atma-Nirbhar in defense products, most of the products blacklisted were already manufactured in India for a while and many key items like Tanks, Battleships, Helicopters, jet engines, and fighter jets are still not in the so-called Blacklist which limits so-called blacklist only for few weapons systems, while our import friendly forces will continue to import this weapon from abroad.

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