Indian Air Force (IAF) chief Air Chief Marshal (ACM) R.K.S. Bhadauria in his recent visit to Israel was given a special briefing and access to American-built but all-Israeli F-35I fighter jets that are loaded with indigenous Israeli systems and also will be used for further customization with Israeli software patches to enhance its capabilities further. Israel is the only country that has been allowed to tinker with American F-35 jets that saw adaption of the indigenous Israeli electronic warfare (EW) suite that also will be mated to a variety of Israeli weapons.

Bhadauria was showcased an experimental version of the F-35I Adir that will also be getting an Israeli-made ELINT (Radar interception and analysis) system and indigenously-produced guided bombs and air-to-air missiles in the F-35’s internal weapon bays.

Bhadauria was also flown in the Israeli air force F-15 air Superiority fighter jet in his visit to Israel.

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