Several weapon marketplaces on the dark web have started listing military-grade firearms such as Javelin and Stinger missiles that several Western countries had sent to support the Ukrainian army in its fight against Russia. Recently mobile google history of a Ukrainian soldier was doing a round where he was trying to find details on how to fire Javelin ATGMs. Western countries might be keen to help Ukraine but the utility of this help is in question now since most of the soldiers have not been trained enough to operate them.

U.S. supplied Javelin ATGM anti-tank missile system is selling for $30,000, NLAW anti-tank missiles for $15,000, and Switchblade 600 Kamikaze Drone for $7,000. Other weapons on offer are Assault Rifles, RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) and Sniper rifles that due to poor control will soon be flooding the world over and might end up in hands of terrorist groups in our backyard as seen with the US weapons that were left behind in Afghanistan have started coming into Kashmir as confirmed by the Indian Army.

The Ukrainian army is near-collapse, and irregular militias that are loosely part of the chain of command are been provided with western weapons they have no idea how to operate nor are trained to effectively use against Russian forces. Russian military itself has sized truck loads of western weapons on route to Kyiv of late. For starters, Ukraine has long been known as a hub for the arms black market, with roots in the collapse of the Soviet Union and subsequent conflicts in the region, so those doubting authenticity of the pro-Russian media should read about how the Ukrainian military’s 7.1 million small arms stock were diverted to conflict areas after 1992.

Western weapon supplies coming to a country that is in disarray means It’s just impossible to keep track of not only where they’re all going and who is using them, but how they are being used. US government is flying blind in terms of monitoring weapons supplied to civilian militias and the military in Ukraine, same carelessness that it did in Afghanistan ensuring the whole region in the middle east and Indian subcontinent had to deal with the supply of sophisticated small arms but the weapons coming from Ukraine are much more deadly and in hands of terrorist groups could blow up a small conflict into bigger ones if Ukraine fails to cut off these supply lines within its ranks.

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