Hindus from Sindh province are constantly persecuted. As a result, the local Hindus banded together and began agitating. A massive march will be held in the province to demand an independent Sindhudesh. A similar march was held last year, when local Hindus asked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, American President Joe Biden, and other leaders to assist in the liberation of Sindh province as a nation.

Sindh’s nationalists argue that, like the Sindh nation in Mahabharat, Sindh should be separated from Pakistan in order to be a free nation. Earlier in 1967, there was also a strong demand for a separate homeland. G M Syed and Mohammed Rashdi led the movement. When Bangladesh was liberated from Pakistan in 1971, the demand for a separate Sindh nation grew stronger.

According to Zafar Sahito Euro, a supporter of the Sindh nation and the founder of the ‘Jai Sindh Freedom Movement,’ the British army attacked and took over Sindh province in 1843. It was our right, and it should have been returned to us when the British left. Pakistan was established by the British for their own selfish reasons. Sindh was an independent nation during the reign of King Dahir of Sindh in 711.