Vertical Launch Short Range Surface to Air Missile based on the Astra Mk1 air-to-air missile with the addition of additional jet vane-driven thrust vector control will also be developed into a network-centric air defense system for the Indian air force to be used for the innermost security cover to protect high-value assets and mass population centers against air-to-surface threats so that it can engage and destroy aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

VL-SRSAM recently was tested onboard an Indian Naval warship where it took down a Banshee aerial target drone miming a sea-skimming anti-ship missile in its fully operational configuration. VL-SRSAM will be replacing now aging Israeli Barak-1 Point air defense interceptor missiles on all frontline warships and will supplement the Navy’s LRSAM ship-based air defense interceptor missile which has a range of 80-100km.

VL-SRSAM ground-based air defense system will be light enough that it can be mounted on a small trailer carriage in a ready-to-fire configuration inside the protective canisters that can be positioned on top of a high-rise and will feature network-centric, open architecture that provides increased survivability against electronic countermeasures. has been told that work on a ground-based air defense system based on VL-SRSAM is already in the works and the first developmental trials might start from 2014 onwards since it will require new radar surveillance.

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