The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) earlier this year carried out two successful launches of vertical launch short-range surface-to-air missile (VL-SRSAM) from a static vertical launcher from Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur that was meant for the Navy but has been told that work on the Truck based VL-SRSAM Quick Reaction Air Defense Systems for the Indian Air Force (IAF) has begun.

4 cell canister modules mounted on a road-mobile 4×6 Truck to enable 360° slant capabilities with autonomous and net-centric capabilities have been developed, while work on the integration of electro-optical observation payload and wireless data link communication is under process to provide air defense coverage for fixed assets and point and area defense for mobile forces in combat areas.

DRDO plans to test the Naval and Air force variant in the coming months before it is cleared for trials from the Naval warship and Mobile Air defense system for the Air force. VL-SRSAM Air defense system can defend large areas against helicopters, attack aircraft, and stand-off threats like UAVs, cruise missiles, combat bombers, and kamikaze attack drones.

VL-SRSAM Air defense system basically is Astra Mk1 Air to air missile with Integrated Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system. DRDO plans to make Air defense system modular so that it is not limited to only one missile type, as it plans to offer longer-range missiles in the future with improved capabilities.

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