A disturbing video circulating on social media shows violent clashes between individuals involved in a “Khalistan referendum” event held in San Francisco on January 28th. The video depicts individuals engaged in physical altercations, raising concerns about security and potential escalation during such events.

The video, uploaded by social media user Siddhant Sibal, alleges that the clashes involved “rival gangs” within the Khalistan movement, with specific groups vying for dominance. While the veracity of these claims requires further investigation, the video highlights potential internal divisions within the movement that could lead to further violence.

The “referendum” itself, as reported by The San Francisco Standard, involved thousands of individuals gathering to vote on the creation of an independent Khalistan state. This non-binding vote, held outside the legal framework of either India or the United States, has drawn criticism for its divisive nature and potential to incite tensions.

The violent clashes raise concerns about potential escalations and the misuse of such events to further divisive agendas. The involvement of banned groups like SFJ and the reported presence of rival factions add another layer of complexity to the situation.