The Vietnamese delegation is planning a trip to Israel next month that might see a contract for the supply of the Barak-8 Air defense system with the Israel Aerospace Industries. The deal is estimated to be worth $500 million under which an unknown number of launchers and missiles will be procured.

Vietnam was offered the Akash Mk1 Air defense system by India but it was more interested in the Akash-NG which has a longer range than its predecessor but talks could not be concluded since user trials of the Akash-NG are yet to be concluded and orders yet to be placed by the Indian Army and Indian Air Force who are going to be primary users of the new missile system. Barak LRAD (Long Range Robust Interceptor) and Akash NG both have Interceptor missiles with a range of 70 km.

Israeli Barak-8 system is different from the Indo-Israeli developed MRSAM/LRSAM as it uses a different airframe structure and is based on completely Israeli technology unlike Jv in India which has DRDO developed Dual-Pulse rocket motor and other systems. Israeli Barak-8 system has been sold by IAI to Azerbaijan, Morocco and Vietnam will be the third export client and operator of the missile system.

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