Hyderabad-based VEM Technologies that provides Aerospace, Defence and Homeland Security systems solutions has showcased a concept of its Ajita Short Range Ground Based Air Defense system which seems to be working on the same principle of US-Norwegian Air and Missile Defense to Protect for deployed personnel and against key vital installations in the Urban environment against Aerial threats of all nature.

As can be seen in the picture, the Ajita Air Defense system will feature a Mobile 4D AESA radar system that will be used to alert and queue a Short-range surface to air missile to the locations of hostile targets before they approach any vital installations. 360-degree coverage of the AESA air defense radar will be able to track multiple hostile targets at each scan.

Ajita Air Defense system will consist of 12 missile launchers likely the missile system to be used will be the surface-based application for the Astra BVRAAMs which has been cleared to be used as a Short-range Surface to air missile system to save cost.

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