Last year a Scale model of an unknown missile was spotted at the office of the G. Satheesh Reddy, Chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organisation. Veda is a Sanskrit word for knowledge and officially there was no acknowledgment of the role of the system but now DR.N Kishore Nath, who is project director of VEDA in DRDO has confirmed that it will be India’s first Defence satellite launch vehicle.

VEDA aka Vehicle for Defence Application will be used to put defense satellites into orbit. VEDA Defence satellite launch vehicle seems to have a first and second stage that was borrowed from the K-4 SLBM ( submarine-launched ballistic missile ).

India has developed several versatile space launch vehicles that enable India to launch satellites for civil and defense roles into orbit. Project VEDA might be India’s attempt to separate civilian agencies like ISRO from Indian defense programs and also can launch defense satellites on short notice in case of sabotage or incapacitation of present ones in the orbit by Anti-satellite weapons.

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