Pilot-less ‘Varuna’ drone, which has a range of 25 km with a payload of 130 kgs; and around 25-33 minutes of endurance will be heading for sea trials in the next three months. Varuna is a drone that is capable of carrying one person, equipment, or supplies from one moving warship to another with the help of autonomous take-off and landing features. Varuna can also be used for medical evacuation.

Varuna Drone technology has been developed by defense start-up Sagar Defence Engineering in close coordination with the Indian Navy. the company said that the land-based trial is being carried out and is confident that it will clear sea trials also. The Navy is looking to procure 30 Varuna drones once it clear sea trials and will be stored in frontline warships.

Last month Sagar Defence Engineering had given a demonstration of the new personal air mobility vehicle to the Deputy PM of Australia who had visited INS Hansa in Goa.

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