SOURCE: Hindustan Times

Activists who took part in protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), 2019, at Roshan Bagh in Prayagraj last December and earlier this year, are being served notices in connection with the first information reports (FIRs) lodged against them.

The police had cracked down on several people who were involved in the protests. Congress leader Irshad Ullah was served the notice on Sunday. Ullah claimed that he was threatened by police. The notice is being served to those who were involved in the protests at Mansoor Ali Park under section 41 (arrest with warrant) of the Criminal Code of Procedure (CrPC).

Hundreds of women, along with men, had staged a sit-in demonstration against CAA, 2019 at Mansoor Ali Park for around three months since last December.

The protest ended due to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak.

protesters had also taken out a march against CAA, 2019, despite Section 144 (a ban on assembly of five or more people) of CrPC was clamped.

FIRs were lodged against protesters at Khuldabad, Kotwali, Kareli, Shahganj, Civil Lines and areas under the jurisdictions of some other police stations of the town for violation of section 144.

Another FIR was filed at Khuldabad police station for an assault on Kalimullah, the in-charge of Atala police outpost.

Corporator Fazal Khan and some other people were arrested for the assault on Kalimullah.

The notice has been issued against around 200 people and some of the cases are being investigated by the crime branch of Prayagraj Police.

Vinit Singh, station house officer (SHO), Khuldabad, said notice was being served under section 41 to those who had staged anti-CAA, 2019 protests and also violated section 144 of the CrPC.

Allahabad HC grants stay on arrest of Imam

The Allahabad high court (HC) has ordered a stay on the arrest of Atala Masjid imam Ahmad Ali and Suhaib-ur-Rehman, who were accused of staging protests against the CAA, 2019 at Mansoor Ali Park.

The stay order on the arrest of these two persons has been issued until the filing of the charge sheet, said lawyer Syed Ahmad Naseem.

Ali and Rehman had filed a writ petition in this connection, but the court refused to cancel the FIR, the lawyer added.

Some pamphlets were found on March 6 at Kareli, where the public was urged to join the anti-CAA, 2019 protests at Roshan Bagh, the FIR had alleged.

The pamphlets contained objectionable statements, the FIR had added.

Some persons arrested in the case are out on bail.