LRDE is racing against time so that UTTAM Aesa Radar is ready for user trials within next one year so that it can be offered to Indian Air Force to be equipped on the 83 upgraded Tejas Mk1A fighter jet contract for which is likely to be inked by end of this year. Delays in the final contract of Tejas Mk1A due to price disagreements with the IAF and MOD has allowed LRDE to pick up pace in the carrying out developmental trials of the Radar so that it can be available to replace ELTA’s EL/M-2052 AESA Radar from Israel which has been selected for the Mk1A variant.

Three pre-production model of the UTTAM Aesa Radar have been performing well and have demonstrated capabilities which according to sources close to has far exceeded that of the EL/M-2052 FCR in terms of tracking targets simultaneously and engage them in and the program has been receiving new software upgrades and opening of newer modes which makes team confident enough that it will be ready in next one year.

LSP-2 is only LCA-Tejas fighter jet which is currently equipped with the prototype of the UTTAM Aesa Radar but LRDE is also using a leased Business Jet which is also equipped with the same Radar for testing purpose which has allowed the team to test the radar at a much faster rate. third radar currently has been positioned at HAL airport on an elevated Roof which is tracking all incoming traffic in the area coming to the Bangalore International Airport Ltd (bial) which is 40km away from the HAL Airport. 

IAF’s Jaguar Darin-III fleet already is fitted with the ELTA’s EL/M-2052 AESA Radar from Israel but UTTAM Aesa Radar has demonstrated better capabilities in its developmental trials which were witnessed by senior ranking IAF officials. IAF is open to switch from ELTA’s EL/M-2052 AESA Radar to UTTAM Aesa Radar if LRDE is able to complete its development by the time Mk1A variant enters production in 2022 or it will be used on MWF-Tejas Mk2 which will have its first flight in 2023 and will enter production in 2028. 


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