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In a significant development aimed at strengthening defense ties between the United States and India, US Deputy Secretary of State, Kurt Campbell, announced that the US Army will soon demonstrate the capabilities of the Stryker armored vehicle to the Indian Army. This initiative, Campbell disclosed during an online briefing held on Wednesday, comes on the heels of his visit to New Delhi for the iCET (India-US Collaboration on Emerging Technologies) review.

The demonstration of the Stryker, a versatile and robust armored fighting vehicle, marks an early opportunity for India to closely examine and understand its operational capabilities. The vehicle, known for its agility, advanced surveillance systems, and battlefield effectiveness, could play a pivotal role in enhancing the Indian Army’s tactical operations.

Campbell’s announcement underscores the deepening defense cooperation between the two nations. The US and India plan to co-produce the Stryker armored vehicles, a move that is expected to significantly bolster India’s military capabilities. This collaboration is strategically designed to act as a deterrent against China’s growing influence and military assertiveness in the region.

The Stryker, an eight-wheeled, versatile armored vehicle, is renowned for its mobility, survivability, and adaptability in various combat scenarios. Its deployment in the Indian Army is seen as a significant upgrade, providing advanced capabilities to India’s defense forces.