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The US on Monday reiterated its appeal to India in view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ongoing visit to make it clear to Russia that any resolution to the conflict in Ukraine will need to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity as specified by the UN Charter for all member countries.

The US also expressed its concerns about India’s relations with Russia, which have been conveyed to New Delhi as part of a full and frank dialogue between the two sides.

“We would urge India, as we do any country when it engages with Russia, to make clear that any resolution to the conflict in Ukraine needs to be one that respects the UN Charter and respects Ukraine’s territorial integrity, Ukraine’s sovereignty,” said the US State Department Spokesperson, Mathew Miller, at the daily news briefing.

“India is a strategic partner with whom we engage in a full and frank dialogue. And that includes our concerns about the relationship with Russia.”

These are ongoing discussions, and Miller said he was not aware if any such decisions had taken place around Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Russia.