The Anti-Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested a Bangladeshi national for allegedly staying in the country without valid documents and operating an illegal immigration racket, officials said on Thursday. Rashid Ahmed Sardar entered India almost eight years ago and obtained an Aadhaar card using fake documents from West Bengal in 2016, according to a statement issued by the ATS.

Sardar illegally brought Bangladeshi nationals into India, the ATS said, adding that he was currently living in Darul Uloom Deoband, an Islamic seminary in the Saharanpur area of western Uttar Pradesh. He was arrested on Tuesday from the Kanpur Railway station while he was on his way to bring illegal Bangladeshi nationals from the Northeast, the ATS said.

”The accused was involved in illegally bringing Bangladeshi nationals inside the country and preparing fake documents to settle them here,” the ATS said in the statement. ”He also used to provide fake Indian documents to Bangladeshi nationals illegally staying here,” the statement added.

The ATS has lodged an FIR against Sardar, the statement said.