SOURCE: UKB Electronics

UKB Electronics, India’s leading electrical and electronics manufacturing company, received approval from the Directorate General of Quality Assurance, Electronics Division. This approval includes supply of specialised wires and cables tailored for signal and transmission equipment, as well as wiring harness and cable assemblies for army tanks and armored vehicles.

The approval has been received after the successful assessment of manufacturing capacity and capability for defence items, making UKB one of the few companies in India to receive this approval. The primary focus of this accreditation will be the design, development, manufacturing, and supply of these wires and cables with adherence to stipulated standards including Joint services specification (JSS), Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), and Military Standard (MIL).

“With an extensive focus on research and development, we’ve successfully delivered orders for Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). Considering the requirements of the Indian Army and DRDO for specialised wires and cables for signal transmission, communication, and surveillance systems, our team designs and manufactures cables with the utmost care and precision. To further cater to their requirements, these cables are uniquely tailored for harsh environments, demanding special materials and processes,” the company said.

UKB’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in district Alwar, Rajasthan, backed by strong R&D and product design, will undertake the development, production, and supply of these cables. As part of the overall assessment of the manufacturing facility, UKB has received a Grade-I rating with Design and Production Approval from the authorities.