According to recent reports, the United Kingdom (UK) has not yet launched an investigation into the attack on the Indian High Commission, despite two months having passed since the incident occurred.

The Indian High Commission, located in the UK, was targeted in an attack that resulted in significant damage to the premises. Despite the severity of the incident and the potential implications for diplomatic relations, the UK authorities have not taken concrete steps to investigate the matter.’

The delay in initiating a formal investigation has raised concerns and questions regarding the UK’s commitment to addressing the attack and holding those responsible accountable. It is crucial for diplomatic missions to be safeguarded and protected to maintain international trust and bilateral relations.

The Indian government has expressed its disappointment over the lack of progress in the investigation and has urged the UK authorities to take immediate action to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of the attack. The incident highlights the importance of ensuring the security and safety of diplomatic missions and personnel.

Efforts are ongoing to maintain open channels of communication between the Indian and UK governments to address the matter and seek a resolution. The Indian High Commission and concerned authorities continue to emphasize the need for a thorough investigation into the attack, emphasizing the significance of upholding diplomatic norms and international obligations.

It remains to be seen when the UK will officially initiate an investigation into the attack on the Indian High Commission and take appropriate measures to bring the culprits to justice.