A UK delegation, including ministry of defense (MoD) officials and executives from British defense giant BAE Systems who are part of the delegation that has arrived with the PM Boris Johnson, are likely to offer India to co-develop a sixth-generation fighter called the Tempest. BAE Systems had offered India to join as an international partner for the Tempest program way back in Aero India 2019 exhibition held in Bengaluru.

Italy with the United Kingdom and Sweden is currently working on the Tempest. The project involves the British companies BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce, the European missile manufacturer MBDA, and the Italian defense group Leonardo, but Italy recently expressed interest in joining the development of the Japanese F-X fighter jet.

France, Germany, and Spain are jointly developing the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) platform, which will eventually lead to the creation of the 6th gen platform in 2035. FCAS and Tempest are Europe’s biggest defense programs, with the new fighter jets expected to replace Rafales and Eurofighters by 2040.

India of late has started sub-assembly part manufacturing for the AMCA program which India calls has a 5.5 Gen fighter jet that will be superior technically to all 5th gen platforms that are available at the moment but won’t be in the class of 6th gen platforms but will have some elements of next-gen platforms that are still under development world over including in the United States and Russia, China, Europe.

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