It seems the United Kingdom is keen on getting India on board in the development of the 6th gen platform with latest sizeable workshare pact with Indian developers that will involve India in the development of the software for the Tempest fighter jet said a report filed by the Financial express.

Even though India has not officially commented on the offer to join UK lead program to develop a 6th gen fighter jet, the United Kingdom’s offer to India will be to develop a whole software spectrum that includes mission control software, radar source coding, and Ground-based simulators for the pilot training.

The tempest program throughout its life time will also get half-yearly software updates that will radically enhance Tempest combat effectiveness in the blocks suite. if India joins the program, it will be in charge of developing software for modernization, regular security patches, algorithms for AI-enabled functionality, maintenance software for the ground crew, and weapons upgrade coding for every new system that is added to the jet. has been told that even if software work is outsourced to India even if India doesn’t join the program will be in the $5-7 billion range could be even more depending on the work it will get through the life span of the program.

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