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It has a T90 Bhishma Turret On a T72M1 Ajaya Hull which is also equipped with an Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) developed by DRDO, a new hybrid of two main battle tanks was seen while it was on a test run at the dedicated track at the CVRDE facility in the Avadi.

India’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) is upgrading 1000 Indian Army’s T-72M1 Ajeya main battle tank (MBT) force with a new V-46-6 engine, based on Russian design, that has a 780 hp capacity along with that it will also be getting a new fire control systems, reactive armor, fire detection, and suppression systems, as well as new communication and navigation systems under the Combat Improved Ajeya program, code-named Project Rhino.

This is not the first time CVRDE has experimented with upgrades for the T-72 tanks, last time CVRDE had developed Tank-Ex that had a T-72M1 (Ajeya) Chassis and the turret and weapon system of the Arjun MBT, but it was rejected by the Indian Army. T-72M1 MBTs form the second line of defense after 1200 T-90 in the Indian Army’s Armoured strike formation and dated weapon system has been the cause of worry due to advancement in the anti-tank weaponry across the border.

Indian Army still operates around 1700 T-72M1 MBTs in its Arsenals and will be retiring 700-800 older lots in the next few years that are being replaced by the more modern T-90 and Arjun Mk1A MBTs. Indian Army is already has floated tenders for 1700 Future Ready Combat Vehicles (FRCVs) that will eventually replace all T-72s fleet from 2030 onwards.

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