ANKA-3 Combat Unmanned Aircraft System developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSA?) was displayed for the first time. Sharing the images of HÜRJET and MMU, in addition to ANKA-3, on his official Twitter account, Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil used the following statements:

“We have kept our promise to our nation in the Turkish Century. MMU and HÜRJET taxied, ATAK 2 will start the engine soon, and ANKA 3 will make its first flight. We present our products, which we have created with thousands of colleagues and business partners, to the martyrs of Çanakkale.”

The first images of the TAI ANKA-3 Combat Unmanned Aircraft System and the test schedule until the first flight were shared. As reported by Yeni ?afak, the structural assembly of the first prototype was completed in January 2023. In February-March 2023, assembly and ground tests are expected to be completed. The first flight of ANKA-3 MIUS, which will start engine start and taxi in April 2023, is targeted in the same month.

The job descriptions of ANKA-3 MIUS include air-ground, SEAD-DEAD (Suppression-Destruction of Air Defense Systems), IGK (Intelligence-Reconnaissance-Observation) and Electronic Warfare. In the visuals of ANKA-3, apart from the internal weapon stations, external weapon stations are also available as an option, unlike their counterparts. General purpose bombs with TEBER-82 and TEBER-81 guidance kits stand out at the outer weapon stations. In ANKA-3, which will be in the 7-ton class, it can be evaluated that an AI-322 or an equivalent turbofan engine will be used in the first place.

ANKA-3 was first announced by Vice President Fuat Oktay at the 2023 Budget Meeting:

“Our new type of unmanned jet fighter aircraft is coming from TUSA?, and this is our new good news. Our new generation project that will carry our capability in unmanned aerial vehicles to a further point: ANKA-3 M?US. ANKA-3; With its jet engine and speed, high payload capacity and tailless structure that is almost invisible on the radar, it will open a new page in the field of UAVs. I hope we will continue to share the good news from our ANKA-3 M?US project with our nation next year.”

Considering the details such as high load carrying capacity and low radar signature provided by the tailless structure, it can be evaluated that ANKA-3 MIUS will be an air-ground oriented deep attack platform that will be located next to Bayraktar KIZILELMA. Another remarkable point is the inclusion of the phrase MIUS in order to indicate the class of ANKA-3. In this respect, MIUS can be considered as a continuation of Turkish classifications such as S?HA and T?HA.