Defence Minister Rajnath Singh today while underlining the need to expand the defence budget to over ? 6 lakh crore said that it is necessary to spend the fund allocated in the present budget “timely” to achieve country’s combat readiness.

Addressing a Conference organised by Defence Accounts Department (DAD) in New Delhi, Singh said stressed on the “rational usage” of resources.

“It is very important that there should be a rational usage of the resources. When I say this, I mean two things. First, the resources should be used in the right place. Second, there should not be any wastage in any form. A penny saved is a penny earned. This applies to the resources as well,” Singh said.

The Defence Minister said that transparent decision-making is necessary for the combat readiness of the country.

“We’re aware that for the combat readiness of the country, not only the availability of adequate financial resources but also quick & transparent decision-making for it is essential. It also adversely affects the country’s combat readiness. The Defence Accounts Department plays a very important role towards ensuring this. ? 5.25 lakh crore has been allotted in the Defence budget this time,” he said adding that it is the responsibility of the Defence Accounts Department to ensure its “apt expenditure”.

The Defence Minister suggested the officials of the Defence Accounts Department to suggest more expenditure to the Ministry in case of less expenditure.