In a significant development, tourists can now visit the Siachen Glacier in the northern region of India without the need for prior permission from the Army. This decision aims to promote tourism and provide easier access to the breathtaking beauty of the Siachen Glacier, known as the world’s highest battlefield.

Previously, visiting the Siachen Glacier required special permits due to security concerns and the presence of Indian Army personnel in the area. However, with the revised guidelines, tourists can now explore this pristine Himalayan region more freely.

The move is expected to boost tourism in the region, offering visitors the opportunity to witness the majestic landscapes and experience the unique environment of the Siachen Glacier. It is also seen as a positive step towards showcasing the natural wonders of India and encouraging sustainable tourism in the area.

While tourists are no longer required to obtain Army permission, it is important to note that certain guidelines and regulations must still be followed to ensure safety and environmental preservation. The Indian Army will continue to maintain a presence in the region for security purposes.

This decision is a welcome move that will not only enhance tourism prospects but also allow more people to appreciate the natural beauty and significance of the Siachen Glacier, further promoting India’s rich cultural and geographical diversity.