On Static display at Aero India 2021, is a BMP-2 Sarath infantry combat vehicle equipped with a Tonbo Imaging developed Panoramic imaging system called as ” Star” aka See-Through Armor (STA) system that gives armored crew continuous awareness of its surroundings, all-terrain agility, and high mobility irrespective of light and weather conditions.

Panoramic imaging system offers enhances situational awareness by giving a 360° view of the vehicle’s surrounding in the day or at night, in poor/no lighting, and bad weather conditions like snow, hail, or dust storms. The vehicle crew can perform threat analysis quickly even in dangerous conditions.

Featuring a highly intuitive userin-terface as well as low silhouette installation, Star STA is adaptable to a wide range of armored fighting vehicles and main battle tanks. For an armored crew not only does the panoramic imaging system significantly improve the vehicle’s all-around survivability, but the system will also enhance the vehicle’s capability to respond rapidly.

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