Pakistan”s former spymaster Lt Gen (retd) Asad Durrani in an Interview to BBC Urdu has said that Granting of provisional-provincial status to the Gilgit Baltistan by the present Imran Khan lead Government will hit Kashmir Cause, as India will be able to sell the world the notion that the matter is now settled between both parties to the dispute thus inadvertently effecting the larger Kashmir Cause and Pakistan position at the world stage in the long run.

Need to get back at India after August 5th decision of the Modi Government to abolish both Article 370 and Article 35A by tinkering status of the Gilgit Baltistan will only boomerang warned, Durrani and advised his government not to carry out such changes in the interest of the Kashmir Cause.

Many senior diplomats and geopolitical observers from Pakistan have questioned the need to grant provisional-provincial status to the Gilgit Baltistan at this time and, even Abdul Basit, who is a retired Pakistani diplomat and has served as the former high commissioner of Pakistan to India as questioned the rationale behind such move and fallout that will hit the Kashmir Cause which might settle matter permanently as per wishes of India thus making Line of Control (LOC) de-facto International border between both countries.

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