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Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured that the creation of Theatre Commands was on track, the Defence Ministry has identified three locations in Lucknow, Jaipur and Thiruvananthapuram as their headquarters. The Department of Military Affairs (DMA) under Chief of Defence Staff Gen Anil Chauhan, who is responsible for raising the theatre commands, is now focusing their energy towards implementing over 150 points to enhance integration among the three services and make ready for the multi-domain warfare of the future.

On July 2, Prime Minister Modi had stated in Parliament that the creation of theatre commands was on track and modernisation of armed forces was in full swing. As per the plans of the DMA, the Western Theatre being raised to look after the Pakistan side is planned to be raised at Jaipur while the Northern Theatre to tackle the threat from the eastern and northern sides is planned to be set up at Lucknow, defence sources told ANI.

The Indian Navy-headed Maritime Theatre Command is now planning to come up at Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala and will be looking after the maritime borders of the country and threats emanating from the maritime zone. The Department of Military Affairs is working towards implementing over 150 points aimed at enhancing integration among the forces three to create a joint culture and work ethic there. This includes integrating the different standard operating procedures of the three services for doing a common task.

The repair and maintenance facilities of the forces for common platforms are also being integrated and the latest example in this would be the Apache attack choppers, ALH Dhruv and AK-203 assault rifles. The 100-day agenda of the Defence Ministry would also see a lot of these points getting implemented by the government. The Modi government as well as the BJP in its party manifesto have assured about the creation of theatre commands for better preparedness for fighting wars of the future.

The creation of Theatre Commands was seen as a tough task but the CDS and the three services have adopted the road of consensus to resolve all the issues for this purpose and have achieved a lot of success in this domain. It is envisaged that the three Theatre Commands with the CDS on top would be fully empowered to use resources to efficiently conduct operations in the future. The forces would be supported fully and ably by agencies such as Cyber Command, Space Command and Armed Forces Special Operations Division in meeting their challenges.