While India celebrated 75 years of Independence, Western left Cabral media unleased coordinated attacks on the Indian democracy. Most focused on why the United States Sheriff of the wild wild west should force India to perfect its Democracy by suggesting ways India can come under Good books of the Woke infected cancel culture of America.

Some wanted to talk about the conditions of Indian Muslims and others wanted to get assets that are in Jail or facing serious cases in India to be given clean shot so that they can continue their coordinated attacks on the Indian democracy. While most of the western media’s so-called oped concentrated on attacking the present-day Government led by PM Modi, Foreign Policy decides to go after the Indian Armed forces.

Foreign Policy wanted Indian security aid to be linked to Indian Armed forces operations so that Human rights violations can be prevented in areas like Kashmir and the Northeast. The article called for U.S. lawmakers to ensure that the Indian military does not commit further human rights violations suggesting it becomes a Big Brother of the Indian Armed Forces and the Indian military should be held to the same standards to which the United States holds its other security partners.

It is not clear what Security Aid Foreign Policy was talking about, since the sale of weapons to India under direct Government to Government deals were all paid by the Indian Taxpayers, unlike Pakistan where weapons were transferred to fight the war in Afghanistan which was majority funded by the American taxpayers. Indian Armed forces have no obligation to listen to US Lawmakers and if they want to curb the transfer of weapons to India then India has plenty of options and partners who can supply them to India.

One thing foreign Policy got right was that it is indeed the United States that is bending over backward to enhance U.S.-India ties so the Indian Armed Forces have no obligations to act like Lieutenant of the US Armed forces in the region. India can very well manage its own security needs and not fall for carrot and stick methods that are often used by the American deep state to keep countries in line. India already has shown that it has a foreign policy that is independent when it comes to Russia and India will continue to restrict allowing Woke Cancel culture to dictate terms of security alliance with the United States.

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