World Sikh Parliament (WSP) has written a letter to Uk’s Prime minister urging him to put pressure on his counterpart to grant self-determination in the Punjab state of India for separate Sikh homeland called ” Khalistan “. The letter stresses on some undisclosed International Law under which they have the right to call for the creation of Khalistan in the Indian state of Punjab while being Non-residents of the state they claim to represent.

World Sikh Parliament (WSP) also called for UNSC members and some major European countries to ask India to allow self-determination in Punjab, Kashmir, Nagaland, Assam, and Manipur who they claim want to opt-out of India.

Khalistani outfits like Sikhs for Justice (SJF) ran a social media campaign Sikh referendum 2020 under which massive amount of money was collected under which online voting was to take place to demand its referendum call in the Indian state of Punjab. Gurpatwant Singh Panu and his associates are wanted in many cases registered in Punjab have been seen cozying up with Pakistan’s notorious spy agency ISI in recent times but Sikh Diaspora now claim that it was all online propaganda to make money as Sikh referendum 2020 as disappeared from social media.

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