After the Philippines Armed force placed an order for the Mach 3 capable Supersonic BrahMos Cruise missile from India, it now plans to explore more Indian weapons systems and is now planning to consider some of the Made in India Air defense systems for the Philippine Air Force (PAF) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (APF).

The Philippine Department of National Defence (DND) recently procured a Spyder air defense system developed by the Israeli defense technology company Rafael Advanced Defence Systems as part of the AFP’s modernization program. DND is now looking to procure a new air defense system that has an enhanced range of Interceptor missiles.

India’s MR-SAM with a range of 110km and Akash-NG with a range of 80km might be two air defense systems that India might offer to the Philippines since both of these air defense systems have more interception range than Spyder air defense system.

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