According to a viral blog post from China, a PLA soldier named Wang Xiaobai who belonged to Xiangtan which is a prefecture-level city in the central part of Hunan province, China was one of the nameless PLA Soldier who was killed in Galwan Valley in clashes with Indian Army. The blog also says that the political commissioner of the area had requested the family of Wang Xiaobai to keep the funeral a private affair.

The family wanted to hold a Big funeral but were denied permission and were instead advised to keep the funeral a private affair. Wang’s father had requested his body being handover to the family but PLA told him due to circumstance his cremation was already done by the Army and only his ashes were to be handed over to them to be buried.

The blog post has gone viral in the Chinese media spear and many more of the chinese netizens are talking about quiet burial given by all the soldiers who were killed in the clashes with the Indian Army. Many have also shared pictures of the Indian Army’s funeral pictures widely and have questioned why their soldiers didn’t deserve state funeral like it happened India.

Chinese authorities have refused to confirm their casualty number but Chinese mouthpiece like Global Times has claimed that figures are less than that of India and it has not shared exact figures so as not to gloat in front of Indian public and further create anti-Chinese sentiments in India, but Indian Army soldiers involved in the deadly clashes have confirmed that at least 18 bodies were handed over to the Chinese side for which video and photographic evidence are with Indian Army.

Chinese soldiers killed after falling into the river were still not accounted for which could further increase their casualty numbers beyond 30. Indian Army has claimed 43 casualties on the Chinese side and US Intelligence has confirmed 35, instructions to the family of dead PLA soldiers to have private burials were largely to avoid counting of numbers by its public who are eager to know the exact figures of its soldiers which their government is not providing openly.

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