The Garud special forces of the Indian Air Force (IAF) are looking for new pistols and submachine guns with a high indigenous content, but there appear to be no prospects in the domestic market.

The IAF wants a 9mm pistol and a 9mm submachine gun with “at least 60% indigenous content.” The force requires approximately 1,900 pistols and 1,800 submachine guns for use in close-quarter battle. “A few days ago, Air Headquarters issued requests for proposals from Indian vendors in this regard, but there are severe limitations.” “A few weapons in these categories that are currently being manufactured in India do not meet the required technical and physical specifications,” an IAF officer explained.

The IAF is looking for a pistol that weighs less than 800 grammes without a magazine and has a magazine capacity of at least 17 rounds. The submachine gun should weigh less than 3,200 grammes without the magazine and have a magazine capacity of at least 25 rounds.

Both weapons should be compatible with accessories such as sound suppressors, optical sights, laser aiming devices, and tactical flashlights, as well as be able to operate in sub-zero and high humidity conditions.

At the moment, the Garud force’s standard issue personal weapons are the Austrian Glock-17 9mm pistol and the Israeli Tavor TAR-21 5.56 mm assault rifle, as well as a variety of other weapons in varying numbers such as the Galil sniper rifle, Negev light machine gun, AK-47 assault rifle, and Beretta pistol. The IAF had previously sought bids from global vendors for new pistols and submachine guns, but the procurement process remained dormant.