Chief of the Naval Staff R. Hari Kumar speaking to the media confirmed that the Navy is fully supporting the development of the deck based Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) program and the rollout of the prototype and its first fight has been planned in 2026 and rollout of the first Limited production variant of the TEDBF will happen sometime in 2031.

26-ton Deck-based fighter jet will start replacing Mig-29k from 2034-35 onwards and the program plans to utilize the experience gained on LCA-Navy to fast track the development and the program are monitored by the Naval Project office at Bengaluru. ADA has estimated that 13000 crore developmental funds could be required in multiple phases from 2024 onwards till it enters production.

ADA has started the preliminary design review (PDR) for the development of the TEDBF program and work on the critical design review (CDR) will be completed after two years after submission and approval of the PDR that is likely to be undertaken by 2024 with prototype fabrication and assembly to begin in 2025 onwards to undertake its first flight by the year 2026. has been told that the first pre-production TEDBF jet rollout is planned for 2029 and the first two aircraft will act as Technology demonstrators and as Prototype. Only Third TEDBF will be involved in deck-based carrier take-offs and landings while the first two aircraft will be used for flight certification and testing of the systems and sub-systems.

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